Grey Area is a non-profit fostering humanitarian unification through awareness and conversation. What this means is that we are a community that focuses on bringing different types of people together in acceptance and encouragement to learn from and about one another.

This movement was born out of an understanding of the different places people come from, and the different hurdles people have to overcome in life that are out of their control. Grey Area is highly influenced by hiphop and media culture, as the original art is derived from songs, movies, and books that recognize and speak about these different grey areas.


Our mission is to bring awareness to grey areas in our society (such as the justice system, immigration, political priorities, religion, pay disparity, etc.) and get people talking, with a goal to provide a space that nurtures unity. We are not focused on one particular race, gender, religion, etc. but instead bringing people from different places together to better understand one another.

Giving Back

We love to serve to the community, our global neighborhood, and give back where we can. 10% of every purchase you make through our shop goes directly to people in need.

Currently we are donating this 10% to helping support refugees.


We've got goals, that span across many different area codes, making their origins in the heart of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia).

Goal A:
Reach like-minded people also influenced by the media that sparks Grey Area.

Goal B:
Bring awareness to people outside of the environment and culture who are ignorant to common forbidden knowledge.

Goal C:
Create a comfortable space for different people to talk, learn, and better understand each other.

Goal D:
Provide opportunities to underprivileged and underrepresented people to flourish in their passions and excellence.


Maintaining a high quality product is extremely important to me. That's why I screen print all of my own apparel at a small studio in Baltimore, MD. For embroidery, I use a local shop in Annapolis, MD to ensure everything is just right.

Everything I make is produced in small quantities to manufacture this desired quality. This also means products are exclusive and aren't always available. Since every t-shirt is made by hand and not by mass production machines, every piece is different from the next. The hand made process shows through with flaws, imperfections, and differences. Isn't that who we all are as people? Let's embrace the unique character of our individuality instead of judging our neighbor.


We enjoy collaborating and endorsing many different types of artists and musicians. If you are interested in a collaboration or endorsement, please message us on Instagram.

Our current line-up:
Riley Writtens
Stah Shabazz
Joey Dolan